Incredibly Accurate Roswell Crash Photo

May 18, 2020

I mean, look at it.

About the Podcast
Brooklyn, NY

GOING DORK is a comedy podcast exploring the abnormal side of life--things like UFOs, Bigfoot, Cults, Oddities and the Paranormal, all wrapped up in a geek culture shell. Each weekly episode is hosted by Jeremy Balon ("The Adventures of Danny and Mike") and features a special guest interview as well as a cast of characters claiming to be things like Time Traveler's, Alien Data Interceptor's and Lizard people. It's a real hoot.

About the Host

Jeremy Balon is the host and creator of the Going Dork podcast. A lifelong sci-fi, horror and comedy fan who definitely saw a ghost once. He also founded Seltzer Kings, a boutique podcast studio and network in Brooklyn NY and hosts/produces podcasts like The Adventures of Danny and Mike, The Bradshaw Boys and Fresh Beef . In addition, Jeremy performs music under the nickname Remy Balon and had two songs featured on the 2006 Oscar Nominated Film Half Nelson and its soundtrack on Lakeshore Records.  (@remybalon) (@jeremybalon)